REHPA- Danish Knowledge Centre for Rehabilitation and Palliative Care is a national and public financed research-based centre, established to share and create knowledge within the field of rehabilitation and palliative care for people suffering from life threatening diseases in Denmark. The overall aim is to contribute to the development of evidence-based practice by sharing and developing knowledge. The target groups are mainly the professionals within the Health Care System, but also laypeople, managers, politicians, the medias etc. The centre is located in Copenhagen and in Funen and it is part of both the University and the Region of Southern Denmark.

We work in cycles between mapping, intervention, evaluation and communication. We work with all kinds of interdisciplinary designs and methods. We work with rehabilitation and palliative care as part of disease trajectories in health care and part of everyday life of patients, relatives and professionals. We work with all kinds of people, positions, professions and organizations and at all levels of the Health Care System, research and education and the civil society.


We have a website, including three subsites (until now mostly in Danish), we do talks and education, we do reports, articles and books, we arrange network meetings, events and conferences.


The Knowledge Centre for Rehabilitation and Palliative Care was established in 2009.



Danish Knowledge Centre for Rehabilitation and Palliative Care

National Institute of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark

Øster Farimagsgade 5 A
Denmark - 1353 CopenhagenK


Phone: +45 21 74 73 72

Email: rehpa@sdu.dk







Telefon: +45 21 74 73 72

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